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All businesses are exposed to liabilities just by simply being in existence. As society is becoming more litigious, the need for protecting your business on all sides becomes ever more important.

Equipment Finance and Leasing is able to arrange cover which will protect your business against legal liability to employees, customers and the general public for injury and damage to property caused by your negligence. Other covers available include Products Liability, Product Guarantee and Financial Loss Liability.

Credit Insurance

The Credit Insurance risk from bad debts/insolvency is always on our minds whenever we trade, so the option of taking out insurance to protect your business from this exposure should be something which should be seriously considered. Our insurance partner, being part of the Willis Commercial Network is able to provide you with the expertise needed in order to reduce your overall risk and protect your business against those customers from whom you feel could leave you in a bad debt situation.

Fleet Insurance

The Motor Fleet Insurance market is constantly changing as Personal injury claims continue to soar, and thus continues to have a detrimental effect on premiums.

Our insurance partner recognises that assistance is needed and provide our clients with something practical in addition to placing with you a quality Fleet Insurer. Motor Insurance claims are not always something you can prevent, our partner has developed assistance for Fleet Managers within your business to help reduce the likelihood of an accident or claim occurring, by way of our Fleet Risk Management Programme. This programme includes practical steps and measures to help you achieve your goal of reducing future Fleet insurance premiums.

Directors and Officer’s Liability

The Directors, Officers and Corporate Managers of a company can be personally liable for the decisions they make. Furthermore, this liability is unlimited and individuals cannot 'hide behind' the corporate body that employs them. Claims against individuals come from an ever widening source including:

· Health & Safety Executive
· Employees
· Environmental groups
· Regulatory bodies
· Creditors
· Banks
· Shareholders
· Customers and suppliers

D & O cover offers extensive personal and corporate protection from the financial consequences of errors and acts of omission made in the course of their past, current and future business activities.

Digital Risks Insurance

Like nearly every business you have probably made a significant investment in technology, perhaps by establishing your own company Web site or Email system.

But did you realise that these sorts of tools can expose you to new types of risks that could devastate your entire company? Worse, the chances are your existing insurance cover will not protect you against any claims since it was never designed to take into account these types of exposures.

If you have a company Email system that is used by your employees and/or a company Web site that is used to promote your products to the outside world, then you are at risk from a host of third party liability claims against you - from defamation through infringement of the Data Protection Act.

Disturbingly, your company is liable for every Email or Instant Message your employees send, whether or not they are work-related?

The policy also offers Web site content liability (a broad definition that includes slander, defamation, product disparagement and libel, and invasion or infringement of privacy) which covers any defence costs, damages or expenses associated with defending a suit brought by a third party.We can help dispel the myths of technology risks and help you find out exactly where your company is exposed.
From there, we can help you decide the best action to take in order to protect your business and your investment.

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